All About Rings | Wedding Wednesday Post Three

November 7, 2018

Woohoo!  It’s time for the third blog post in my Wedding Wednesday series.  This month’s post is all about the rings- aka my favorite item to photograph for the details portion of every wedding day.  The engagement ring, as well as both wedding bands, are important parts of each couple’s love story, and they deserve to be showcased!  Some engagement rings are cherished family heirlooms, others are newly custom pieces of jewelry… all carry the same significance!  I love hearing the background story of how each ring was selected, so I always photograph them to truly highlight their own unique characteristics to match the couple’s unique love story.

I wanted to start by talking about my love for the recent trend of picking mix and match style bands.  Many brides and grooms opt for different bands instead of the traditional matching bridal sets.  I love this trend because there are SO many unique band options.  From different textures, to varying metal colors or distinctive stones, the options are endless  Many of you know that I am in the middle of planning my own wedding and when it came time for me to select my wedding band, I went with the mix and match style and I could not be happier with my decision to do so.  My wedding band is incredible and I can’t wait to share photos of it, but for now it is a surprise:) Here are a few examples of how the mix and match bands look when photographed- so pretty, right?!





Styling ring shots is another way photographers get to really push the creativity on a wedding day.  From balancing/stacking ring sets, to photographing the rings in the bride’s bouquet, there are a million ways to showcase the rings in other wedding day details.  I often use the bridesmaid’s dress, or the veil as a backdrop for the bling to be photographed.




Ring boxes are some of the greatest tools in any photographer’s styling kit on a wedding day.  There are again, endless options for ring boxes that help showcase your individual ring(s).  Some ring boxes can become treasured heirlooms that played an important role in the wedding day, while all serve the practical purpose of keeping the rings safe when they aren’t worn.  If you know me, you know that The Mrs. Box is one of my absolute favorite brands.  I love their products, and I highly recommend them to anyone planning a wedding, or to anyone who wants a pretty ring box for their rings!  The boxes were designed to truly showcase the stones in a ring, while keeping them safe.  The boxes are velvet, and come in so many pretty colors.  The company is constantly adding new colors and options too.  They have double boxes with space for the engagement ring and the wedding band.  You can also get them embroidered with your initial(s)!  They photograph beautifully too 🙂



While The Mrs. Boxes are a classic favorite, there are many other ring boxes out there!  Etsy has a ton of fun options as well, with most of them being fully customizable!  I love supporting other small businesses, so if you are on the hunt for a new ring box, check out Etsy for sure.  Wooden boxes are becoming a popular option for rustic weddings, and I have even seen some glass boxes that provide a vintage feel when photographed.  This year, I found some more velvet ring boxes on Etsy that I love because they are oval.  Here are some examples of the various ring box options!

*The second image (the wooden box) was taken while second shooting for Katie Jacobs Photography.  The image below was from that same wedding*


Thank you for reading my post!  If you’d like to research some more ring box options, I have included links below to my favorite vendors.