DIY Wedding Project | Wedding Wednesday Post 6

March 13, 2019

The March edition of Wedding Wednesday is finally up.  It’s been a busy month to say the least, so better late than never for sharing this post.  In the last Wedding Wednesday post, I talked about wedding details, so I figured this post would be an extension to that as I am talking about a DIY project I recently tackled.  In planning my own wedding, there were definitely some things that I knew I could do myself.  I am a huge fan of Pinterest, and love a good creative project.  This project in particular was something that came to mind after seeing a couple of decor trends at some of my 2018 weddings, as well as a few pins on Pinterest.

Today, I will be explaining how I created my own wedding floral hoop.  I used this at my bridal shower, and plan on using it at my own wedding too after a small upgrade.  Last year, I noticed that many weddings had some sort of floral hoops.  Some were literally just flowers affixed to thin wooden hoops, while others even had pictures hung inside them.  I loved seeing this trend and knew that I also wanted to somehow include it in my own wedding.  I found another pin on Pinterest of a cut-out sign that I liked, and thought why not combine the two ideas together!  I included that pin below, but I am not sure the source or else I would credit it!  Of course, there are many different ways to do this, so my take on it is by no means original, just something that I thought was representative of me.  Most of these photos are just quick iPhone snaps to document my process, so they aren’t anything spectacular or taken in pretty light haha!

I purchased an inexpensive hula hoop, because none of the wooden hoops I could find were big enough.  I then spray painted it rose gold (surprise surprise haha).

Next up was finding blush flowers.  I opted for silk florals for this since I could make this project well ahead of time, plus I knew finding fresh peonies this time of year would be a challenge.

I removed the stems from the flowers then played around with the layout of them until I found a design I liked.  Next up was hot gluing the flowers to the hoop.  I found the bride to be sign on Etsy (link here) and knew I wanted to paint it blush.  This is what it looked like prior to being painted:

Here it is all painted:

And lastly, here it is at my bridal shower!!  Thank you to Katie from Katie Jacobs Photography for the photos <3

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post!  I can’t wait to update the cut out sign to “Mr. and Mrs.” for the wedding!